Presented in Objekti 4
Curated by Andy Best-Dunkly
from 14.6.2018 to 2.9.2018
Thing(-ing) series*


Inside Out is a series of nine sessions of object-oriented performances presented in the fourth edition of the OBJEKTI group exhibition, 2018. My piece was a metal box (200cm L. 100cm W. 100cm H.), placed on top of four wooden logs and located next to the pond of Kirkkojärvi in Espoon keskus. The schedule of the performances was also printed for the by-passers on a sign next to the piece.

The idea is that for each performance, I  crawl inside the box through the hidden entrance underneath it and sculpt the five metal surfaces of the box from inside by beating them with a mallet. In total, I spent around 10 hours inside the box. In the course of three months, my strikes and movements from inside and the environmental factors, including the weather conditions and vandalism, from outside, gradually affected the piece and formed the final shape for the closing ceremony.

*Thing(-ing) is a state of interaction with objects  in which the interpretive mind is set aside and things are considered solely by their objectness, materiality, and functional potentials. What is most intended in the process of thing (-ing) is not necessarily to achieve a definite and predetermined result, but is the real and conscious experience of the interaction between mind /body and object/ matter. It is a phenomenological and creative encounter that somehow enables me to be in the moment through physical engagement with objects.