Parsa Kamehkhosh

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Parsa Kamehkhosh (b. 1985) is a performance artist and designer currently residing in Vantaa, Finland. His practice explores the matter of “being in the world” in the context of the interaction between daily life and the notion of life on the existential level. He often employs objects and materials as manifestations of contemporary human everyday aesthetics and in relation to various narratives (sometimes “religious” narratives) that define the position of humans in the universe and beyond. His works maneuver on the borders of the inner and external worlds, natural and supernatural, seen and unseen.

“Being in the world is my ultimate pursuit—standing prior to all constructed identities and allowing life to captivate me. Then, I strive to internalize my perceptions and observations and translate them into tangible expressions. This natural process helps me comprehend myself and my position in the world. Rather than a creator, I see myself more as a door through which ideas emerge in the realm of existence,” Parsa explained regarding his artistic approach.

His art spans various media, with a primary focus on performance art, and has been showcased predominantly in Europe, the Middle East, and the US. His fascination with materials, objects, and everyday aesthetics led him to pursue studies in industrial design at Tehran University of Fine Arts, followed by further exploration in Aesthetics and Meaning-making at Konstfack College of Arts, Crafts, and Design in Stockholm, and Visual Culture, Curating, and Contemporary Arts at Aalto University.

Parsa Kamehkhosh is also the co-founder and co-curator of The Other Side Performance Art Platform, established in 2024.



2023  Present-At-Hand, B Galleria, Turku, FI
2023  Unwordable (Honey edition), Titank Gallery, Turku, FI
2023  Presence Time Body, 3h+K Gallery, In collaboration with Johan F. Karlsson, Pori, FI
2022  Saturdays, Mymälä 2 Gallery, Helsinki
2022  Honey as Material/Material as Honey, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, IR
2018  Thing (-ing), Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, IR
2017  In honor of the skinny horses, mango’s stone & some random plants, Third Space Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2014  Gone Wild, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, IR

2023   Live performance,  What Does Performance Mean To You, Vapaan Taiteen Tila, FI
2023   Live performance at Kunsthalle Seinäjoki, Performance Club, FI
2023   Live performance, The Air We Share, YÖ Gallery, FI
2023   Live performance, ARS Pori, I Am Expecting A Bird, 3h+k Gallery, FI
2023   Starptelpa Performance Festival, Riga
2022   I’m Expecting a Bird, hiap residency, Open studios
2021   RAW Festival, Live performance, Gallery Myymälä 2, Helsinki
2021   Suomi Art Fair, Live Performance, Gallery Myymälä 2, Helsinki
2019    Listen Like How Krishnamurti says, ViCCa Production Seminar, Helsinki
2018    Congratulations #7, Museum of Impossible Forms, Helsinki
2018    Congratulations #6, The Experimental Event VI: Tower of Babel, Pori, Finland
2018    Congratulations #5, Väre, Espoo, Finland
2018   Congratulations #4, Matn Gallery, Esfahan, Iran
2018    Congratulations #3, TOOLBOX Gallery, Berlin
2016    Eleven Snow Partridges, video screening evening II, Pori, Finland
2016    Remember Me Lying on Your Sides, video screening evening, Pori, Finland

2023 Three Performative Works, MUU Hesldinki Contemporary Art Center, FI
2022  Over Game, Hilbert Raum Gallery, Berlin
2021   Mirrored- photographic performance group exhibition, MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Center, Cable Factory, Helsinki   
2020   The 8th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial, Tehran
2020   The 11th National Ceramic Biennial of Iran, Tehran
2020    Pori Biennale, Three Days in Pori, video, Pori, Finland
    Persons, Today Might Be The Last Day, Video Installation and Performance, Tehran, Iran
2018    Va Event 4 (Identity Crises), Untitled, Performance (thing (-ing) collection), Tehran, Iran
2018    Objekti 4, Inside Out, Performative Sculpture, Espoo, Finland
2018    Space Invaders VI, “Congratulations”, Performance, Helsinki, Finland
2018    ArtHouse Disclosure, “Only & Only If You Stare At My Hands*”, Video Installation, Espoo, Finland
2017    Postcardese, “Hammer”, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017    The Truth about Finland, “Seventy Two Percent More Accessibility”, Performance, Pori, Finland
2017    The Truth about Finland, “Seventy Two Percent More Accessibility”, Performance, Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland
2017    Hey, We Are in Space, “Pretending Nothing Is Happening”, Performance, Otaniemi Free Space, Espoo, Finland
2017    IHME Contemporary Art Festival, “Unknown Archive”, Interactive Installation, Group work, Gloria, Helsinki, Finland
2016    30 Years of Sculpture 30 Sculptors, “The Shepherd after A Daily Flight”, Sculpture, Saless Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016    Milan Triennial, “The Shepherd’s Stuff” (3 pieces), Sculpture, Milan, Italy
2016    Space Invaders VI, “They Ask You, About The Hour: When Is its Arrival?”, Video Installation, Espoo, Finland
2016    Soak, “Remember Me, Lying on Your Sides”, Video Installation, Helsinki, Finland
2015    Immersion, “Immersion”, Group exhibition, Installation, Otaniemi Free Space, Espoo, Finland
2013    Milan Design Week, “Mitochondria’s Cesarean” (9 pieces), Sculpture, Milan, Italy

2023   Koneen Säätio, Two-year working grant for “The Other Side” initiative
2022   Frame contemporary art, Travel Grant
2022  Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, One-year working grants
2021  Taike working and project grants for implementing the project “Saturdays”
2020   Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, three-month working grants for TOKAS residency in Tokyo, Japan

2020    Koneen Säätiö, six-month working grants for the project “Proximity”

2022  Tokyo Arts and Space Residency
2022  Helsinki International Artist Program

2020   Master of Art, Visual Culture and Contemporary Art, Aalto University of Art, Helsinki, Finland
2013    Post-Master of Art, Konstfack College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden
2010    Master of Art, Industrial Design, Fine Art College of Tehran University
2007    Bachelor of Art, Industrial Design, Art University of Tabriz

2021  Honorable mention piece of the 11th National Ceramic Biennial of Iran (This piece was done in collaboration with my fellow artist  Furuq Noei)
2018    The “Firooze Award” for the Best Article, Batin Based Design, Journal of Fine Arts, November, Vol 3. No 42
2010    Finalist, Interior Motive Design Award, Best Conceptual Exterior Design Category (teamwork)
2010    Finalist, Kia Motors Competition, Supersport car for 2020, Judged by “Peter Schreyer” Kia’s head designer and his team (teamwork)
2010    1st Prize, Fifth “One Day Design” National Design Competition, Sponsored by Unilever Company, for designing a green bathing system, Tehran
2006    1st Prize, First “One Day Design” National Design Competition, Tehran, Iran
2005    1st prize, third national “Creative Thought” competition, Youth furniture, Tehran, Iran

2015    Sculpture, “Buffoon”, private collection, Iran
2015    Print, “Chanel Six, Thirty-Six”, private collection, Iran
2015    Sculpture, “Long Mirror”, private collection, Iran

2021-   Member of Artist Assosiation, MUU, Finland
2017-    Member of Catalysti the Transcultural artist association, Finland
2016-    Member of VIMMA student association, Finland

2012    Kamehkhosh, P., Ajdari, A. & Khodadadeh, Y., A Glimpse to the Theory of Design Naturally: A New Approach to the Theory of Form in Industrial Design, Global Journal of Science and Technology, Issue 4, December, Vol 1. No 29, pp.26-43.
2010    Kamehkhosh, P., Ajdari, A. & Khodadadeh, Y. (2010), Design Naturally: Dealing With Complexity of Forms in Nature & Applying It in Product Design, Design & Complexity Conference, August, Montreal, pp.62-79.
2010    Ajdari, A., Faridizad, A. & Kamehkhosh, P. (2010). Batin Based Design, Journal of Fine Arts, November, Vol 3. No 42, pp.57-65.

2020         Assisting Ivana Franke, Tommi Grönlund, and Petteri Nisunen’s setting up their exhibition at Galerieanhava, Helsinki, Finland#
2017-19    Painting & Drawing Workshop Assistant, Aalto University
2017          Workshop Assistant in Ivana Franke, Tommi Grönlund, and Petteri Nisunen’s exhibition: Perceptual Drift (Galaxies in Mind) / GREY AREA, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Croatia

2018-  Teaching assistant, YOYO art studies, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
2015-  Teaching the course “Drawing and Presentation Techniques”, Mokaab Art Institution, Iran
2015    Teaching the course “Drawing and Presentation Techniques”, Media Art Institution, Tehran, Iran
2014    Teaching the course “Basics of Form and Space”, Pars University of Art and Architecture, Tehran, Iran
2014    Teaching the course “the Theory of Design Naturally”, Konstfack College of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm, Sweden
2012    Lecture on “the theory of Design Naturally”, Pezi Group, Netherland
2012    One week lecture/workshop on “the Theory of Design Naturally”, Konstfack College of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm, Sweden
2012    Teaching the course “Basics of Form and Space”, Fine Art College of Tehran University, Iran

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