Series of Five Performances
Supported by Taike (Arts Promotion Center Finland)

Photographer: Aman Askarizad Masoule

Although Finland pursues multiculturalism, the social interactions of the non-Finnish people in the country are majorly limited to their own communities. They can hardly blend with the more resistant layers of society. The cultural structure is such that although you seem to be accepted in society, there is always a glass wall between the guest and the host. Saturdays Project tries to explore this issue by making a bridge to the Finn audience living in Helsinki through the newspaper and creating a situation in which this glass wall can be partially removed.

The Idea of this performance is to spend five Saturdays with five stranger volunteers who are willing to spend 16 hours of a day (from 8:00 A.M to midnight) with me in the city. In the first phase, in order to find the partners, I launch an advertising campaign in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. This announcement includes a self-portrait and a short text that calls for  Finnish volunteers to join me in this project. The first five people who sign up will be my partners. I do not choose among the applicants and so, no matter who they are, I have to plan to spend a day with each of them. 

In the second phase, I start negotiating with the participants separately to agree on the date of performances and our plan for that day.  This plan can be made up of any sort of social activity and according to our mutual preferences and budget limit. The next step would be meeting each of the partners and spending the day according to the agreed plan. With the partners’ permission, photographer Aman Askarizad, takes one photo of us at 8 A.M in the morning when we meet for the first time, and another one at midnight before we separate. These photos, plus the objects that I would collect from the different places that we visit during the day, constitute the documentation of this series and the material for the exhibition. 

Moreover, Matti Tanskanen, who is the Picture Editor at Helsingin Sanomat journal’s news desk, will write a report about this project in the cultural section of this newspaper. This report will be written based on his interviews with me and each of the participants after the performances.

This project is estimated to be done by the end of 2021.