white cream of sorrow

Espoo, 2015


In the world, there exists a constant flow of energy, both within and beyond us, encompassing every fragment of the universe. Through belief and practice, we gain the ability to perceive the signs around us and engage in a profound and boundless form of communication with our surroundings.
White Cream of Sorrow recounts my six-day experience of coexisting with a dying plant I discovered in my studio. During this period, I meticulously documented this symbiotic connection through drawings and brief notes, creating a diary-like notebook. Through my interaction with the plant, I gained valuable insights into my place in the world and my relationship with other living beings.
An unforgettable moment was the first evening spent alone with the plant in the studio. Its powerful presence made me realize that I was the one in need of help in this relationship, not the plant. This realization humbled me, especially considering my earlier sense of self-satisfaction for buying a pack of fertilizer sticks.