white cream of sorrow

Espoo, 2015


There are flowing waves of energy in the world(s), rising from every single bit of the universe, including us. Belief and practice enable us to see the signs and get dragged into a mysterious and borderless realm of communication with the world around and within us.

White Cream of Sorrow is about six days of living with a found dying plant in my studio. During this period, I tried to document this symbiosis through drawings and short notes in the form of a notebook diary. My interaction with the plant helped me better see my position in relation to the world and also regarding other creatures. I will never forget the very first evening that we were alone in the studio. The strong presence of the plant immediately convinced me that the one who needed help in this relationship was not the plant but me. Then I felt ashamed of the sense of self-satisfaction I had experienced earlier that day for buying a pack of fertilizer sticks.