Väinö Auerin Katu3 E14 R1

Wooden Piece & an Audio
Alder Wood
L: 110cm, W:45cm, H:35cm
Third Space Gallery
In Honor of The Skinny Horses, Mango’s Stone & Some Random Plants
Helsinki, 2017


The process of creating this piece, named after my first home address in Helsinki, was a time-consuming, experimental, and improvisatory journey. Upon completing the wooden piece, I realized that documenting the challenging process could be an intriguing addition to the artwork. Thus, I set out to recall and narrate the highlights of the period when I was deeply engaged in crafting the object.
I recorded and edited these memories into an audio file, which became a complementary element to the wooden piece during my solo show in Helsinki. Attendees were invited to sit on a stool in front of the artwork and listen to my voice recounting fragments of my experiences. By doing so, I aimed to offer the audience more material to contemplate while encountering the finished piece.
My intention was to reveal that a significant part of an artist’s journey during the creative process may not be readily evident in the final outcome, especially for pieces where aesthetics, form, and composition take precedence. Through this approach, I hoped to provide a deeper insight into the intricate layers of the artwork and the profound effort invested in its making.