Väinö Auerin Katu3 E14 R1

Wooden Piece & an Audio
Alder Wood
L: 110cm, W:45cm, H:35cm
Third Space Gallery
In Honor of The Skinny Horses, Mango’s Stone & Some Random Plants
Helsinki, 2017

The process of making this piece, which is named after my first home address in Helsinki, was a very time-consuming, experimental, and improvisatory experience. When finally I came to the conclusion that the wooden piece is done, I realized that maybe some sort of documentation from the challenging process I went through could be an interesting complement to the wooden object. Having that in mind, I started recalling and narrating the highlights of the period I was engaged with the process of building the object. I recorded and edited these materials in the form of an audio file that came along with the wooden piece in my solo show in Helsinki. The audience was invited to sit on a stool in front of the piece and listen to my voice, narrating some fragments of my memories. This way, I could provide my audience with more material to ponder upon while encountering the wooden piece. I wanted to show that a great deal of what an artist goes through during the fabrication process does not necessarily show in the final outcome. Especially when it comes to the type of pieces in which aesthetics, form, and composition seem to be the prominent aspects.