My father spent 25599 days of his being in the body.

This Project addresses the matter of being in its totality and puts emphasis on the unpredictability of death as may be the most important turning point of everyone’s life. In the first place, the idea is to keep reminding this inevitable fact that every single day might turn out to be the last day and In the second place and on a deeper level, the aim is to observe how being constantly conscious about the presence of death, would affect different aspects of the mundane.

Since the 3rd of October 2018, I have been recording a short video every single day in which  I announce the date, the number of days that I have lived by that day, and always end it by saying that today might be the last day. An Instagram profile has been created to be used as a platform for uploading and sharing these videos with the audience. I have decided to keep uploading these videos every day until the last day of my life. This project would be accomplished by the day I die.