TODAY MIGHT BE THE LAST DAY (congratulations project)

Life-long Performance

Under the umbrella of the Congratulations project stand two ideas, one of which is called One Hour Contemplation, commenced on the 20th of May, 2018, and the other one which is known as Today Might Be The Last Day, which I started a few months later, in October of the same year. Both ideas are a series of practices/performances that I plan to carry on until the last day of my life on earth.

I was shocked once I counted my father’s lifetime by days. He lived for 25593 days before he passed away. This unconventional means of referring to age could alter the concept of a lifetime for me. Since I have a more precise understanding of how long a day is, I could get a more tangible conception of 25593 days as my father’s lifetime. This click triggered an idea that is now known as Today Might Be The Last Day. Today Might Be The Last Day, is a life-long project about celebrating life through death awareness and learning about the quiddity of this event. The plan is to post a video on an Instagram handle every single day until the last day of my life on earth. In each video, I announce the date of the day, the number of days I have lived by that day, and the fact that “today might be that last day.” I recorded the first video on October 3, 2018. This project can be considered to be accomplished when, finally, what I say in the video, comes true.