It was a sunny day in September and I was exploring a village called Kauttua, located in the southwest of Finland.  On the side of a dirt road, an apple tree caught my eye. I got closer and said hi. He replied gently and we had a nice brief chat mostly about the village and the weather. Before I leave the tree, he offered me an apple and pointed to a red wooden cottage sitting on the slope of a hill almost 30 meters further.  I took the apple and walked towards the cottage. Doors were closed and windows were boarded up. I noticed a dark and narrow gap between the horizontal base of the cottage and the hill slope and crawled inside. There were spider webs all over the place and also some rusted nail tips popped out from the bottom of the building. Thinking about the tree, the idea of this piece came to my head. I came back to the tree and shared my idea with him. He liked it and generously agreed to give me a dozen of his apples to make this hidden piece in Kauttua.