One sunny day in September, I found myself exploring the charming village of Kauttua, nestled in the southwest of Finland. As I strolled along a dirt road, my attention was drawn to an apple tree standing gracefully at the roadside. Intrigued, I approached the tree and greeted her with a friendly hello.  We engaged in a brief and pleasant conversation about the village and the weather.
Before parting ways with the tree, she kindly offered me one of her ripe apples and gestured towards a captivating sight – a red wooden cottage perched on the slope of a nearby hill, approximately 30 meters away. My curiosity was piqued, and I accepted the apple and made my way toward the quaint cottage.
Upon arrival, I noticed that the doors were firmly shut, and the windows were boarded up, giving the cottage an air of mystery. My adventurous spirit led me to discover a narrow gap between the cottage’s base and the hill slope. I decided to venture inside. Seeing the rusty nail tips, an idea began to form in my mind.

Returning to the friendly apple tree, I shared my idea with her. The tree responded with enthusiasm, and with great generosity, she offered me a dozen more of her delightful apples to bring my hidden installation to life in Kauttua.

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