It was a sunny day. Walking alone in a village called Kauttua located in the south-west of Finland; a splendid but modest apple tree caught my eyes, shining alone on the side of the road. I was there searching for tension in that rural area and this tree was the first thing that attracted me. So I got closer and said hi, he replied and so we had a nice chat for a couple of minutes. Before I leave, I asked if I can have one of his beautiful apples. He gave me two and then pointed to a red wooden cottage almost twenty meters away from him on the slope of a hill. I went to take a look at the cottage. After a while, I found myself in a triangular dark, narrow space under the cottage, where I found some nails’ tips out from the bottom of the building.thinking about the tree, the idea of this piece popped up on my mind. I came back to the tree and shared my idea with him. He liked it and generously gave me a dozen of his apples to make this hidden piece there.