Remember Me, Lying on Your Sides

Filming by Jakub Bobrowski & M Hasnan Habib
4 min and 17 sec
Produced in Espoo, 2016
Presented in Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, 2018
Thing (-ing) Collection

“Indeed, I am the one who is created out of the essence of clay, then placed as a drop of semen in a firm resting place, then changed from semen into a leechlike mass, then from a leechlike mass into a fetus lump, then from fetus lump into bones, then my bones were clothed with flesh. I have been measured precisely and then have been brought forth as quite a different being. After living for a while I will die and most surely will be raised to life again on the day of resurrection and will be faced with what I have put forward by then.” (Quran (23:12- 23:16))

There is a big black plastic bag, full of cold water on the floor and under a white sheet. I try to roll this hefty and wobbly mass and move it to the end of a corridor. When I get there, I stab the bag with a knife and try to empty the back using my body.

This piece has been presented in SOAK group exhibition in April 2016 in Helsinki, Finland for the first time. SOAK was the first edition of the project Occupation of De-contextualized Spaces for Contemporary Art and took place on a  boat in Kalasatama harbor. Here are some shots of the video documentation of this performance.