Live performance
Duration: 40 minutes
Commissioned by Myymälä 2 Gallery,  Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki
Sound: Muhamad Reza Hajihasan
Photos: Kamilla Sladowska

On a small table, I arranged several glasses of milk, a couple of jars of honey, and some stones. Gathering the people around, I proposed a short walk around the gallery, requesting volunteers to carry these items with them during the stroll. In one hand, I held a jar of honey, and in the other, a small speaker.
As we embarked on the walk, a peculiar noise emanated from the speaker, reminiscent of an untuned radio. Carefully observing my surroundings, I paused at various spots along the street, taking an object from one of my companions and creating a small installation that suited the characteristics of the object and the location. Briefly, I rested my forehead on the surface in front of me, adopting a diagonal stance for a few seconds.
At that moment, the murmur from the speaker subsided, and a clear voice of a man filled the air, reading these lines: “The bodies, alone, pass through the dignified poplar trees and without remaining buried in the ground, they entrust their golden souls to the weeping willows that the whole sky is stunned by them.”
After lifting my forehead from the surface, the man’s voice would revert to the rustling and vague sounds from the speaker, continuing until the next point where I chose to create the next installation.

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