Page Three Hundred Fifty-Four, End of The Line Nine

Invisibility comes from forgetfulness, and forgetfulness comes from extreme visibility.

It is usually like this that you turn on the table lamp to light up the space around it and so the light itself, would be forgotten in the shadow of its function. But in this case, it does not matter whether the lamp is on or off, nothing will change around the lamp because it’s isolated inside the wooden cube. There is only one tiny hole in this box and a copper pipe on top of it, through which, the light would be visible when the lamp is on. This piece is designed to remind us of the very basic phenomena which have been forgotten and become invisible because of their extreme visibility and constant existence in everyday life. This piece is actually an apparatus which, by excluding the functionality of light, tries to appreciate it’s pure existence. This fact that you need to take a specific posture by pushing the button, bending over the piece and looking through the pipe only and only to see the light itself, represents this appreciation.