Only & Only If You Stare at my hands

Filming by Jakub Bobrowski, Laura Leif
Presented in Third Space Gallery, Helsinki, 2017 and Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, 2018
Thing (-ing) Collection

Only & Only If You Stare at My Hands is an object-oriented performance,  in which on one hand, I explore the performative aspects of a designed object, in terms of functionality and aesthetics, and on the other hand I practice, two positive moral characteristics of caring and generosity, that definitely need to be strengthened in me.The object which I perform with is made out of Alder wood, bronze and felt.

In this performance, I sit on the floor among my audiences and hold the object in front of me. There is a paper bag next to me full of different kinds of vegetables. I take a vegetable-for instance a leek-out of the bag, cut it into smaller pieces using the object, and pass it to the people sitting next to me. I also ask them to help each other and pass the foods, until it reaches everyone in the room. The sound of the cutting vegetables on the bronze piece gets amplified in the space. I try to communicate with my audience while cutting the foods by asking about the kind of vegetable they prefer to have or have they had enough food or still would like to have more. When I make sure that everyone is happy and has had at least a piece to eat, I end the performance.