Produced in Tehran, 2020
In collaboration with my fellow artist Furuq Noei

Honorable mention piece of  the 11th National Ceramic Biennial of Iran, Tehran

Photography: Nima Mansouri


The path of self-cultivation demands tremendous courage from seekers as they embark on a journey of introspection. Recognizing and shedding excesses within oneself requires breaking down the barriers that hinder personal growth. The process can be arduous yet exhilarating, characterized by constant shattering and rebuilding, leading towards eventual liberation from egoism and the dawn of true freedom.
The images presented in this documentary capture a performance piece where a ceramic vessel undergoes a profound transformation. The vessel is dropped from a height of one meter and twenty centimeters, breaking it into pieces. Subsequently, fragments smaller than one square centimeter are discarded, while the remaining components are skillfully reassembled to reshape the container as much as possible. The repaired volume is then released again from the same height, initiating a cycle of disintegration and reassembly. This repetitive process continues until there is nothing left to drop, signifying a state where reorganization becomes unnecessary.
The performance symbolizes the relentless pursuit of self-awareness and growth, encapsulating the journey of self-cultivation—a gradual dissolution of the self, culminating in a state of profound transformation and liberation from attachment.