Eleven Snow Partridges

7 min and 2 sec
Filming by Jakub Bobrowski,  M Hasnan Habib & Helen Aleksandrova
Produced in Espoo, 2016
Presented in Azad Gallery, Tehran, 2018
Thing (-ing)* series


Behind my former studio in Otaniemi, Espoo, there are two 30 meters high chimneys with exposed ladders that give easy and a bit risky access to the top of them. This area is where the Eleven Snow Partridges performance took place in 2016. First, I climbed up one of the chimneys with a rope tightened to my belt. When I found myself safe up there, I started pulling up the rope to bring up the two big bags that were tightened to the other end of the rope on the ground. The bags were full of radios and cables. Then I started to take the radios out of the bags, turn them on one after another, and tune each into different radio stations. Once all the eleven radios were tuned and adjusted on the highest volume, I took them all in my hands and threw them down from the top of the chimney. All the radios crashed into pieces, and the loud noise stopped at once.

*Thing(-ing) is a state of interaction with objects in which the interpretive mind is set aside and things are considered solely by their objectness, materiality, and functional potentials. What is most intended in the process of thing (-ing) is not necessary to achieve a definite and predetermined result, but is the real and conscious experience of the interaction between mind /body and object/ matter. It is a phenomenological and creative encounter that somehow enables me to be in the moment through physical engagement with objects.