Collective Art Project
Sara Borujeni, Yaser Rajabali, Majid Ziaei, Parsa Kamekhosh
Presented in The 8th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial, Tehran, 2020
Photos: Mehrdad Varasteh



The art market has faced criticism due to its association with issues like the art mafia, money laundering, counterfeiting, and the promotion of certain individuals as art celebrities, all contributing to the cyclic nature of the art economy. Furthermore, the rapid turnover in this market has positioned art as a facilitator within capitalist structures, leading to its marginalization as a social force. To address this, our project introduces “peddling” as a medium to disrupt this order, extending the exhibition space beyond the sculpture biennial venue into the surrounding alleys. This approach enables us to engage directly with the audience in the public sphere.

Peddling, as a practice, seems to challenge the market system and acts as a peaceful counterforce to its existing order. By doing so, it empowers citizens to reclaim the public sphere, representing socially engaging creativity that resists formal market structures. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the system has sometimes misused this approach as a pretext for oppression.In this project, four artists – Sara Borujeni, Yaser Rajabali, Majid Ziaei, and Parsa Kamekhosh – have explored the theme of “hand” to create a series of objects and sculptures available for peddling to the public during the 8th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial. Each artist brings a unique perspective and collection: “Up to Fourteen Years Old” by Sara Borujeni, “Introduction to the Anthropology of Hunting” by Yaser Rajabali, “Try to enjoy watching it” by Majid Ziaei, and “National Pickle” by Parsa Kamekhosh.(*Note: The word “Dastforushi,” the Farsi equivalent to “peddling,” originates from “Dast,” meaning “hand,” and “Forushi,” derived from the verb “to sell.”)

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