In February 2014, I had the chance to present the Theory of Design Naturally as a short course at the Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts, and Design for the second time.  There were 14 first-year students of industrial design, participating in this two weeks intensive course. Same as the first time, the agenda of the first few sessions was so that in the morning, we began with the theoretical background and introduction to the principles of the theory, and in the afternoon, we continued with some hands-on exercises with clay to see how the theories and principles could be applied in the context of a design project. When the teaching days ended, all the participants were asked to choose a simple product as a case study and were given a couple of days to redesign that product by applying the principles of the theory of Design Naturally. In the end, a full day was allocated to the presentations of the final works by the participants and giving feedback. I was almost always present in the class when the students were working, both to help and also to hear their comments and thoughts on their experience of the theory of Design Naturally in Practice.