Rest in The Southern Stable- 2015

Posted: March 26, 2015

Rest in The Southern Stable

Those years when my family used to live in rental apartments, we had to move to a new place every third, second or even single year due to the rising rents or some other issues. Moving from one place to another is actually a big change which usually starts with packaging everything in cardboard boxes with the hope that they will be safe during the transportation. Packaging is the first and probably one of the most crucial steps because no one likes to face a bunch of broken and damaged stuff when it comes to unpacking and setting a new home. One thing which has been maybe the most memorable picture stuck to my mind from this onerous process, is my father’s great ideas on getting the best use out of each box by choosing the most efficient layout of the things inside the box and also the way he used to apply strings and different nuts to tie it up. I can still remember his posture when he was trying to hold the box, the noise of the slipping string on the cardboard and the torn or crumpled edges of the box under the pressure of his hands, the harsh strings and the complex nuts.