Shepherd After A Daily Flight II- 2014

Posted: June 27, 2014

Shepherd After A Daily Flight II

Does he pray after his daily flight? Does he basically fly while taking sheep out to the field? His hands are raised. There should be a relationship between him and the sky above. Solitude, being surrounded by nature and carving small pieces of wood with his hand-made knife are his apparatuses for contemplation and meditation. This carving practice means repeating a physical activity with no specific aim but, just for the sake of practicing itself. He doesn’t think about it, he does this because his hands want to. Practicing for ages and so the result would be getting away from materiality. floating in the air and balancing on the horizontal carved piece of wood, represents this spiritual evolution which occurs through his assiduity in self-purification. Is he physically present while pasturing sheep? Maybe this is his coat hanged here while he is away to pray. What if they are both representing each other. The felt piece depicts the characteristics of the owner, the shepherd. Look at the coarse texture. This is what sun does to your skin, burned and wrinkled. He is hollow. But why? Maybe he plays reed, and reed should be hollow to become a playable instrument. He needs to get rid of selfishness, needs to be hollow of himself to become lighter, to be able to fly, to go higher, to be touched by the rush of wind and so being able to speak out. But what does he say? Do his words suppose to imply anything? It vocalizes his nature. He starts a polylogue with birds, tree, grass, and sheep all about their wonders of the world. The symmetry of the shape and within that, the converging direction of the wooden legs holding the carved piece opposed to the diverging shoulders’ tips of the felt coat, bring balance to the whole composition. This balance and serenity is the key to wisdom for the wayfarer and in other words is the shepherd’s remuneration after a daily flight.